Walk Details

Start Date: 25th June, 2012

Finish Date: Approximately 10th July, 2012 (give or take a few days)

Total distance: Approximately 435km

Route: From Dalhousie Springs, South Australia to Birdsville, Queensland – following the French Line and QAA Line. See pink line below.

Route of The Long Walk Home – Westprint Heritage Maps

 Support Crew

Megan Stace & Steve Collins

Clare & Alex Monk

Training Support

Michael Wedel


2 thoughts on “Walk Details

  1. Hello Jenna
    Iam intrigued with this amazing endeavour you are embarking on. Having read through this most interesting journey thus far and your preparation I send my thoughts and am reminded of how tricky The Simpson can be. I was very fortunate as was Bernadette to be cared for by the local Sisters and The RFDS. The Bend became known as Bernadette and Cathy’s bend via Roseberth !
    I would like to offer my support $s,how is this done etc?
    I was also wondering if you are doing any water based training in that wonderful pool -hoping its still operational as it might be a nice way to vary your approach as well .Perhaps with a full set of clothes and boots on to up the “training concept” (water run).
    Looking forward to following your amazing endeavour.
    My Kind thoughts
    Cathy xo

    • Hi Cathy,
      Thank you for your comment. Things are slowly but surely coming together, however time seems to be going by very quickly. Unfortunately the public is no longer able to use the pool, so that form of training is not possible. With such a great resource in the town it is a shame that we are not able to use it.

      You have already become involved by taking a look at the website and hopefully sharing it with your friends, however you can also donate by clicking ‘donate now’ at the top of the website and following the link to the fundraising page.

      Thanks again for your comment and I hope you are going well.

      Love Jenna

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