If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact me at thelongwalkhome2012@gmail.com for a sponsor pack.


The Waddi Tree (Acacia peuce) is an extremely rare species found in only 3 spots around the world. It is synonomous with the Simpson Desert as it is found in small clusters on both the western and eastern edges.

The Outback Loop provides an itinerary for the outback traveller not just a destination. For more information click here.

 KBS is a holistic, full-service, brand strategy and design agency working with clients to find their ‘essence’ and share it visually. Learn more here.

Birdsville Roadhouse provides fuel, tyres, groceries, ice, mechanical repairs and more. To read their great blog and learn more about what they do click here.


The Bauhinia or Bean tree (Lysiphyllum gilvum) is found throughout the Simpson Desert area thriving in areas that receive floods, and can survive for years without rain. The Bean tree is a favourite of the Indigenous people of the area as it secretes a gum that is eaten like a lolly.


Georgina Gidgee (Acacia georginae) is found along water courses within the Simpson Desert as well as scattered between the sandhills.


The Coolibah (Eucalyptus coolabah) is a staple in the Western Queensland area and 2 trees stand in the middle of the desert above where the Hay River once ran. It is said the river still runs under the dunes in times of heavy rains and floods.  

Kathmandu offer a great range of outdoor adventure wear, equipment and accessories. For more information click here.





2 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Hi Jenna,
    You are probably a third of the way through by now, hope it is all going well and there has been no hick ups. Keep going and don’t stop for anything ! We are with you all the way. I think it is fantastic what you are doing and don’t forget my pledge.

    • Thanks Lumpy! I haven’t forgotted your pledge! I think there’s no more then 900 dunes in the desert so 50c each makes it $450. People say there are 1100 but I struggle to believe I climbed over that many. I though of you many time on the trek and decided crossing the simpson would be easier than walking the track as you can only see a couple of k’s ahead and never a mirage…

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