Contact Jenna

From Sunday the 24th of June, 2012 please contact Kelly Theobald at or on 0487 892 235 with any enquiries regarding The Long Walk Home.

Alternatively you can contact me at and I will respond when I return after Tuesday the 10th of July, 2012.

Thank you.


20 thoughts on “Contact Jenna

  1. Hello Jenna
    What a fantastic accomplishment for you to be out in the wonderful desert lands enjoying all that nature offers, and for such an important cause. Apart from the challange to self and the emotions that will it bring with it. I envy you your time and will think of you on full moon, as we often sat on the top of Big Red with Dia and just soaked up the spiritual space. Well Done and look forward to the remainder of the trip.

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  3. Birthday wishes for today from Monica & Werner in South Africa.
    May you have a wonderful experience during your upcoming walk. We truly admire you for your valiant effort.

  4. Hi Jenna, do you remember your over night visit in the cool of Byron Bay region and our chat on new beginnings and adventures and letting the wind take you!!!!!!! Wow, I’m seriously proud and impressed with ‘The Long Walk Home’. You have achieved sooooo much already and with your devoted team I wish you a fantastic walk, sorry I will not be there for your welcome home coming, however I will be with you all the way in spirit. Say hello to the desert from me!
    Ooooooodles of love

    • Hi Bleky,
      YAY! Thanks for commenting. I hope you are going really well and back in your beloved Byron. How can I forget our conversation. That was a very hit and miss time for me, and it was the beginning of something beautiful. It’s amazing where you can go when you get a little push 🙂 I will most certainly say a little hello to the desert for you. Take care.
      Big hugs xx

  5. Hi Jenna,
    I look forward to joining you on the last leg of your Long Walk Home.
    The Royal Flying Doctor Service is one of the great organisations and I have always admired Rev John Flynn for his vision in providing health services to rural and remote Australia.
    Your commitment to this walk is an inspiration to me and many others and I’m sure the beauty of the outback will help you to walk the extra mile each day.
    I hope we can get good value for the photograph I sent from Longreach with your parents. At Longreach we had an offer of $1000 so I hope we can improve on that figure because the money will go to such a wonderful cause.
    Best wishes,
    Bruce Scott
    Federal Member for Maranoa

    • Hi Bruce,
      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog. Thanks you also for the gorgeous photograph which you have donated to be auctioned for RFDS. Your support is very much appreciated and I thank you for taking the time to come and walk with me. I only hope I am running on time and not early or late!

      We just had the RFDS in today for a retrieval so we are constantly being reminded of the work that they do out here.

      Thanks again,

  6. Hey Jenna
    I loved reading all your blogs so much I have sent it to everyone at NWQPHC Longreach. I will be following your progress regularly and hope to see you on our next visit out to Bridsville!


  7. Jet pack, I’m reading your site on the IPad and the donate now button does not come up. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it. Check on Karen’s iPad. You might have to move it somewhere else. Also you should have a Frequently asked questions, or ‘information’ tag, in the menu. You can use that to put all the facts up such as dates etc.

  8. Hi Jenna,
    Sorry if I’ve completely missed it on your site, but when is your leaving date from Dalhousie Springs and ETA for Birdsville?? My family will be travelling from Adelaide to Oodnadatta, through Dalhousie and onto Birdsville via 4wd towards the end of June. They may bump into you??!!

      • Hi Jenna,
        gee I wish I was going!! I’ve done the trip once and absolutely loved it, but alas I’m due with my 3rd child end of March so I wont be going this time round.. My parents and extended family will be there though, I’ll tell them to keep an eye out for you!

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