Update from Jenna!

It’s been a week since we waved goodbye to Jenna at the Birdsville airport as she headed off to meet her support crew. In that time, she’s walked 200 kilometres and reports that she’s on schedule and doing well. However, her Long Walk Home has been far from uneventful. From wary wildlife to generous people, Jenna is having one heck of an experience out there. So far she’s encountered:

  • Being trailed by a pack of dingoes (her support crew warded them off)
  • Being chased by two camels (she hid behind a tree to evade them)
  • Heat rash on her legs and feet
  • Realising that her body is holding up quite well and her feet are nor sorer than what you’d expect from walking 200 kms
  • A very supportive support crew who give her massages and cook her delicious meals
  • A busy desert with lots of people stopping to say hello and donate to the RFDS. Jenna has raised a further $1000 from generous people in the desert, bringing her tally close to the $24,000 mark
  • Hearing that there’s also a 15-year-old boy walking across the desert. Conflicting reports say he’s somewhere behind her but may catch up at some stage
  • Three days of walking over sand dunes after the first 70 kilometres of clay
  • Very green growth after last-year’s bushfires
  • Peace and quiet

“I’m really enjoying it, but not so much being chased by camels,” she said. “It’s so peaceful and lovely!”

If you would like to donate to The Long Walk Home, you can head to http://www.everydayhero.com.au/jenna_brook or send a cheque made out to the Royal Flying Doctor Service to 38 Florence Street, Birdsville, Qld, 4482.

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About Kelly Theobald

Kelly Theobald is a journalist, photographer and author living in Birdsville, a small community on the edge of the Simpson Desert in outback Queensland. Her journalism and photography has featured in the Courier Mail, the Sunday Mail's 'U on Sunday' magazine, R.M. Williams Outback Magazine, Rolling Stone Australia, Frankie, 4WD Action, OUTthere, Action & Adventure, the Brisbane Times, Channel 7 News, Sunrise and more. You can buy her bestselling children's book, Onslo, from all good bookstores and online.

6 thoughts on “Update from Jenna!

  1. Hi Kelly, Isn’t it an amazing part of the world, love to my lovely young friend Jenna, who I would expect to be doing so well. Love Suzie B (Bleky) of Bangalow.

  2. Go Jenna! We trust you’re doing everyone proud (Chevy included!) and absolutely smashing the walk.

    Keep going, you’re getting closer with every step.

    Floody and Tahnee

    • Floodman and Tahnee! Thanks for your comments on here and fb, I don’t think it’s possible to reply to all the fb ones…there are so many. We are getting awfully close to 30k. yikes!

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