Birdsville Roadhouse snaps up a sponsor spot!

I would like to welcome the Birdsville Roadhouse to the coveted role of a Long Walk Home sponsor. The Birdsville Roadhouse is run by Peter and Bronwynne Barnes and their crew of tireless employees who never fail to put a smile on the faces of those passing through. Behind the counter you’ll find Bronwynne, Kathy and Kelly, who are always up for a chat. Out the back, Peter (Barnes’y) and Sam can be found fixing all sorts of vehicles and machinery.

Providing fuel, tyres, groceries, ice, camping equipment and sound mechanical advice and labour to those who need it (as well as driving advice to those who need it but don’t necessarily want it), the Roadhouse provides travellers with some creature comforts including mint slices when available and delicious Beerenberg gourmet jams. You can even pick up a freshly roasted chook if you get in early enough. The friendly staff will be able to point you in the right direction when travelling through the area and will make sure you know about all of the things to see and do while in town.

Barnes’y also functions as the RACQ operator in the area. So, if you ever get into a pickle, he’ll be out to fix you up or pick you up as soon as he can. He’s got an array of recovery vehicle options ranging from a Land Cruiser and snatch strap to an impressive ex-German army MAN truck.

I am extremely grateful for the support of the Birdsville Roadhouse and I look forward to working with them over the next few weeks to make sure I set off with all of the right food (and maybe a few mint slices too!).


One thought on “Birdsville Roadhouse snaps up a sponsor spot!

  1. Don’t tell me that Barnsey is back in town! Tell the, I say g’day, and hope he remembers old Sister Lynne. We would love to catch up one day and reminisce.

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