I am counting in days now…30 to be precise.

Greetings from a chilly Birdsville!

The past week has been a non-stop ride of organising, training, eating, working and sleeping. My personal favourite of these being the sleeping, however the cold weather has also brought the disgruntled shiver from my body when I peek my head above the doona and feel the chilly air meet my nose and ears. Given the days are sunny with a blue sky and averaging 20+ degrees I can’t complain too much.

I have just received word that Walter Leven has arrived in Birdsville on his ride from Adelaide to Mt. Isa and back again via Broken Hill. Walter is also raising money for the RFDS and chose to do so after hearing about The Long Walk Home. I look forward to catching up with him while he is in town and getting a photo outside the Birdsville Hotel of the two RFDS fundraisers.

In other news of the walk I can confirm that the fundraising tally has reached $15,500 and it is all thanks to you. With a month still to go we are more than three quarters of the way to reaching the goal which is a great effort by all involved. If you would like to donate to the RFDS you can do so by clicking here.

I would like to make mention of The Watermark Hotel, where the Adelaide fundraiser was held, who have donated $1000 to the RFDS through The Long Walk Home. The support of David Elms and his crew is very much appreciated and it is great to see the RFDS being recognised and supported throughout the country.

Last weekend, a radio interview I did through ABC Western QLD was broadcast nationally on Macca’s Sunday morning program. Needless to say it was a huge surprise to me when I received a phone call from my dentist who had heard it in Adelaide. I was also very humbled by a lady last night in the hotel who said she heard me on the radio and wanted to donate when she arrived in Birdsville. It is always wonderful to speak with people about my walk and realise the impact that one person can have with a bit of perserverence. While at the Birdsville Hotel last night we held a raffle to raise funds for the RFDS and gave away a vast array of prizes from cooked chooks to bar mats and panda hats.

The past week has seen organising move to new heights with my preliminary food order being placed with the Birdsville Roadhouse. Working out I needed 10 cartons of tin tuna, 15kg of mince and 48L of milk certainly put the scale of the walk into perspective. One benefit of walking with a support crew is that I don’t have to skimp on too many things, so add to that some chicken, beans and numerous carbohydrates, as well as a few packets of mint slices and I think I should be fairly well fed throughout the walk. On the otherhand I doubt I will ever want to eat another tin of chicken or 4 bean mix again.

After food comes medical preparation so I spent this morning at our fantastic clinic working with Lauren to put into place a medical plan, taking into consideration medical supplies and medications. I think she was well entertained with my relaxed view on it and the fact that most of my replies started with “now…was I getting that was I?”, and with my failure to have got any relevant phone numbers of nearby properties…as yet. Needless to say I spent the next hour on the internet ordering ankle tape, blister pads, ice packs and nurofen, as well as thinking “I really should find those numbers”, but never actually doing it.

After finding a free hour at 9pm last night to go train at the gym, I have somehow managed to use up the hours in this day and as such will probably be leaving the gym around the same time again. Michael assured me this week was my taper week, however given that with less training comes more time to fill in doing other things, I think I have been just as busy. It is my goal for this week to write a post about my training progress, so be sure to either follow the blog or check back later in the week if you would like to know the ins and outs and ups and downs of training to walk across a desert…just in case the urge ever grabs you.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to get on board and donate if you can 🙂


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