I have recently got into a very bad habit of checking my emails as soon as I roll out of bed in the morning. Although this can sometimes give me a boost to the start of my day when I find I have an email from someone interesting or a donation has been made, it can also leave you wondering for a few seconds why no one in the past 8 hours of darkness has wanted to contact you. Completely idiotic I know. The other morning however I woke to an email from a Walter. Initially wondering why someone would be refering to my walking stick in an email, curiosity got the better of me and I found it to be a real human Walter.

Walter Leven to be exact.

Walter is from Germany and has been travelling to Australia for many years seeing various parts of our beautiful country and sometimes touring on his bicycle. As I read on I found out that Walter was about to embark on another cycling trip throughout Australia but this time he was starting in Adelaide and heading straight up the middle to Mt. Isa, passing through Birdsville on the way, and then back down through Longreach, Charleville, Bourke etc. The story got even better when he told me he had decided to fundraise for the Royal Flying Doctor Service after reading about my walk and getting inspired by what I was doing.

Although my sister would probably call this an understatement, I quite enjoy going along in my own little world and am not really fussed about what the rest of the world is doing. Prefering solitude over people, most get suprised when they hear I am an intensly introverted person, who just happens to have a hideously loud laugh, is nearly impossible to embaress and who speaks at an elevated volume most of the time.

Even though I am not particularly fussed at how other people view my choices, I was quite overwhelmed to hear that Walter had been so inspired by what I was doing that he too had decided to raise funds for the RFDS. Knowing that your choices have made a difference to the lives of so many people is a feeling worth bottling.

So if you hear of someone riding their bike around near you raising money for the RFDS don’t be a stranger, I’m sure Walter would love to have a chat (he’d probably also like some water and maybe a lolly or two I’m guessing). Walter is hoping to raise $10,000 for the RFDS and you can donate by clicking here, and check out what he is up to here.


4 thoughts on “Walter?

    • Hi Sarah,
      So sorry, thought I had replied. Just emailed you now about it. What are the chances that when you get here I’ll be away. Am heading overseas for 10 days as of Saturday. Maybe you’ll still be around when I get back. Check out the Birdsville Roadhouse blog for what’s on around town. Drive safe!

      • We arrived today and leave tomorrow – just a quick stop over this time round. We will hopefully be back around Races time. So maybe see you then. Have a nice trip to Canada – it is beautiful over there.

  1. Hi Jenna,

    Great to see you have connected with Walter Leven, he was very excited to contact me about raising money for the RFDS after seeing your information online. Hopefully you get to meet him when he rides through Birdsville, he is a fantastic guy, very enthusiastic!

    Good luck with the training at the moment, we are all keeping a very keen eye on your progress.


    Gemma Snewin
    Community Fundraising Coordinator
    RFDS Central Operations

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