Visitors making a difference in Birdsville.

After much persistence by my sister and a family friend, I didn’t so much as agree to speak at a Local Government conference this week, as was directed to. On Tuesday morning I trotted down to the local hall where 40 odd managers from local government were meeting for a conference. I thought I’d find talking about my walk difficult in front of so many people, but I’m told I was the most interesting speaker of the day which was a bonus. Perhaps it was the topic or that fact I turned up in my ripped jeans after tilling the vegie patch and proceeded to talk underwater about the walk, why I was doing it, what it was and how they could support me. At least I did have the decency to tuck my shirt in and take off my hat which I thought should count for something. It seems the lovely people were listening as I spoke and they later raised over $500 for The Long Walk Home which was an amazing effort. My thanks goes to all the people who donated at the barbecue, as it was certainly a surprise to hear the amount when I returned the next day to collect. My lesson learnt from this experience was to just say yes. With only 3 months to go until I take those tentative first steps across the desert I need to say yes more. The fundraising tally has gone over $7000 which is a fantastic achievement and thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to The Long Walk Home.

Talking underwater at the LGMA conference. March 2012

LGMA delegates. Thanks for the donation!


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