Preseason fun in Birdsville!

Yesterday a few locals from Birdsville partook in some pre-season fun, making the most of the time before the visitors start arriving in town and making lazy Saturday’s like this impossible. Minute-to-win-it games were on the top of the list, with games such as Floatacious, Yank Me, Caddystack and Toss the coin all making an appearance. Some punters quickly became frustrated with some games which resulted in a smattering of soft drink cans or the tinging of M&M’s on the floor. For each game contestants were asked to donate a coin donation to the RFDS and the tin feels surprisingly heavy for the numbers at the show.

My personal favourite was the eating contest in which teams of four had to go blindly into a food challenge and had to consume a raw egg, a Weetbix, shot of vinegar and a teaspoon of cinnamon. I was unable to complete my job of handing the next item to the teams as fits of hysterical laughter ensued when I saw the cinnamon start to blow out of nostrils. A big thanks goes to everyone who turned up, everyone who laughed while people tried to stack baby blocks on a paper plate on their head, to the Birdsville Roadhouse and Birdsville Hotel for donating the prizes, and to JB for scrounging around through people’s pockets to rid them of loose change. It was so wonderful to see everyone there and to know they support The Long Walk Home and the RFDS.

Congratulations to all the winners of the day, especially to Kylie Scott for taking out top honours and winning a pannikin, stubbie cooler and cooked chook courtesy of the Birdsville Roadhouse. Below are a few pictures of the day, however I think my constant laughter left the quality of the pictures a little below par. For anyone still thinking about coming to the Adelaide Fundraiser you can expect a few of these games and more!


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