An update.

Hello Friends!

I got a comment on my facebook this morning from a friend in Spain who said he checks my blog daily for updates, so I thought it time I give him something new to read when he wakes up this morning.

The Long Walk Home is keeping me extremely busy at the moment, with trying to fit in organising the Adelaide Fundraiser, training, keeping social media updated and writing letters for sponsorship around work and study, not leaving much time for play! Things are however going from strength to strength with the walk, with lots of people and businesses starting to donate items from raffles, prizes and auctions. You can see who all these wonderful people are by checking out “proudly supported by” on the sponsors page. We are down to the last week to purchase tickets to the Adelaide Fundraiser so be sure to email me at to secure yours! At the moment I am feeling very sorry for anyone who knows my brother Gary, as he is in recruiting mood and I’m sure has put the hard word on everyone he knows down in Adelaide. Needless to say he has easily signed up more than 70% of  the attendees thus far! Details for the shindig are below:

Fundraising has taken a huge step forward in recent days with an extremely generous donation from Pip and Dick Smith. They are amazing people with huge hearts and I thank them for their support, belief and generosity towards The Long Walk Home and the RFDS. The tally is now officially well over the $5,500 mark, with more sitting in RFDS collection tins around the place. Considering the goal is $20,000 and we still have over 3 months to go I think we are sitting pretty at the moment. The Birdsville Hotel has also been very generous with their support by holding a chook raffle every Friday night, and donating an array of prizes to ensure almost everyone in the town has won something over the past month! I would also like to acknowledge the support of the people from Birdsville and surrounding areas, as their enthusiam is infectious and I look forward to having a few of them join me towards the end of the walk! Thanks also goes to them for giving into temptation and purchasing more stubbie coolers then they needed the other night…Birdsville really is a wonderful community to be a part of! For more on fundraising or to donate click here.

Preparation wise and logistically the walk is slowly coming together. However I had to chuckle the other day when Michael said  “so I’m thinking we’ll work pretty hard over the next 2 weeks and you can have week 12 off 🙂 Sound fair?”….last I checked I didn’t see Michael on the treadmill next to me with sweat pouring out of him, so I’m not sure what this “we” business is. I am though starting to feel the changes of his training schedule and am certainly fitter then when I started, however yesterday I needed a little kick up the bum to get off the floor and drag my feet onto the treadmill. We also had the RFDS Rural Women’s GP Service in town yesterday which I made use of to get a pre-walk check up and got the all clear. Luckily enough for me the doctor has done a lot of trekking so was a wealth of knowledge about shoes and foot care which will ultimately be the defining factor in my walk. The service is fantastic for rural women as although the fortnightly RFDS clinics are sometimes run by a female doctor, with this one you are guaranteed access to one which is a nice little luxury to have.

Getting my pre-walk check up courtesy of the RFDS Rural Women's GP Service.

On that note I think it’s time to get back to reality and say thanks again for the support. If you’re in or around Birdsville this weekend be sure to drop into the hotel on Saturday afternoon for a few hours of fun raising money for The Long Walk Home. Also, don’t forget to get your tickets for the Adelaide Fundraiser, and more importantly don’t forget to keep spreading the word about The Long Walk Home. The more people we reach the more awareness and money we can raise for the service of the RFDS!

Thanks 🙂


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