That’s an adventure!

I was just flicking through my photos of my trip to Africa and being in a sharing mood I thought I would upload just a few photos of what adventure means to me. Everyone has a different view on adventures which is what makes them so wonderful. From kids to adults our idea and feel for adventure changes and adapts to our beliefs, interests and the company we keep. Feel free to comment and share your adventures, maybe they might inspire someone else. Less reading and more looking this time, which should keep Casino happy!


4 thoughts on “That’s an adventure!

  1. Sorry but I have a couple questions and hope I don’t sound like a bothersome fool. Because I just started reading this blog, I’m a little bit confused.

    1. How many countries in Africa did you go to?
    2. On the picture where it says, “Taking in the view from the top…” is that in Cape Town, South Africa?
    3. What country is the picture with you and the schoolchildren from?
    4. I’ve heard that the ears of African elephants are shaped like the continent of Africa, with Charles that isn’t true…
    5. What country are you in, in the picture where the two oceans meet?
    6. What’s the highest mountain you’ve ever climbed?
    7. Is your blog only about the walk in the Australian desert?
    8. If so, do you just post your feelings and moods about training for the walk?

    • Hi Matthew,
      Please don’t be sorry, I enjoy every comment! Like I said I only saw a tiny piece of what Africa had to offer and visited 6 countries, albiet some where only brief visits while others were a bit longer.

      That photo is taken from the top of Table Mountain, beautiful spot, and if you’re ever in the Cape Town area be sure to hike up Lions Head which is near table mountain, but you actually look back onto it. Beautiful view! The photo with the schoolchildren was taken in Marangu, Tanzania when I was on my way to visit the blacksmith shop. They were very cute actually, they must of just finished school and were on the road and decided to follow me. They loved getting their picture taken and looking at it on the camera afterwards.

      I’ve never heard about elephant ears being shaped like Africa but I suppose they could be in some cases. The ear of an elephant are actually how they identify individuals as they are unique in shape and sometimes end up with notches out of them from getting caught on things and fights with other elephants.

      The two oceans meet at the bottom of South Africa at a place called Cape Aghulas (check spelling on that one). A lot of visitors to the country think The Cape of Good Hope is where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet but technically this isn’t true. It is a very raw and breathtaking spot especially as we visited in a storm. The Cape of Good Hope has a lot of visitors every day and infrastructure designed to entice visitors there such as walkways and restaurants, whereas Cape Aghulas is much more laid back with a walkway leading to this monument. The little town there was actually probably my favourite spot in South Africa.

      Mt. Kilimanjaro is my one and only mountain and stands at 5895m or about 18000-19000ft. To be honest as much as I absolutely loved the challenge of walking at that altitude and making it to the top, it was more working towards a goal and achieving it that got me excited. For that reason I think my future holds much more trekking from point A to point B, rather then going up to a point then back down again. Seeing the scenery is what makes it beautiful for me.

      In terms of this blog, I never thought it was a confusing, but now that I look at it I can see how it would be. Basically the blog is about creating a place where people can come to get information about my walk across the Simpson Desert, so in a way yes it is mainly about that. However I also want peolpe to understand how this idea came about and what has driven me to attempt it, which all stems from my trip to Africa. In some way they go hand in hand, and I wouldn’t be doing this right now if I hadn’t had been there. It also helps me explain who I am and why I enjoy doing things like this.

      I suppose I post about everything, from the latest news on sponsors that have come on board, to fundraising tally’s, news about fundraising events I am holding, right through to meeting the team supporting me, and my connection with the desert and what makes it special to me. Variety is the spice of life right!

      Thanks again for your comment, and I had a look at your bucketlist the other day. Wow! You have certainly put a lot of thought into your list! Maybe I should get into specifics on mine as well…it would probably make it much more goal orientated that way. Good work!

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