Another milestone reached!

I never would of thought that at 4 months out we would already be 10% of the way to reaching the fundraising goal. However today the tally clicked over the $2000 mark and has given me a little extra motivation to keep up with the promotion and publicity of the event. Not that my determination was wavering, but for just a week I put it at the back of my thoughts and concentrated more on this thing called life.

After having The Long Walk Home consume my thoughts for the past few months, I spent Sunday fishing out on a river bank with some wonderful friends, watching the glassy water flow by, feeling the mud on my feet as they sank, cringing when my foot hit a tree root a few inches below the surface, waiting for a nibble on the line, smelling the fire burning and more importantly being away from the temptation to check my emails to see if a potential sponsor had replied, or if people were clicking on my blog.

Never being one for technology, I was initially most disappointed when Birdsville first got permanent mobile reception in 2010. Before this I was content to come home and be rather inaccessible to people for a period of time (I’m an introvert ok, so alone time is my thing), however since starting The Long Walk Home journey, a mobile phone has made everything easier and more up to date. Although it wouldn’t have been impossible to get the word out, it would have been more time consuming then it already is, and it would of remained less up to date. As such, without naming names I would like to thank the mobile phone companies for taking Birdsville out of the 0.01% not covered, and putting it in the 99.9% of Australia’s population that is covered.

Bear in mind though big companies, although you may make life a little easier, safer and more reliable for people living in rural areas, when it all gets a little too much I will always revert back to my little piece of mud on the riverbank…


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