The Outback Loop gets on board!

The Long Walk Home is proud to announce The Outback Loop as the first major sponsor.

Comprising 2 pubs and 2 tracks, The Outback Loop is an experience not to be missed when travelling through the remote areas of outback Australia. Providing visitors with an itinerary rather then just a destination, The Outback Loop brings together 2 unique gems in the outback and provides for a journey where memories are made.

The Birdsville Hotel is engraved in outback Australia’s history and has provided a spot for endless tales to be told from the bar stools over a cold beer. The Hotel lies at the end of the Birdsville Track and is a spot where many people find themselves shortly after arriving in town either via road or by air. Offering visitors and guests award winning meals, comfortable accommodation, aroma filled coffee and an atmosphere to boot, the Birdsville Hotel has something for every person who passes through its doors.

The Innamincka Hotel on the other hand sits on the Strezlecki Track, and overlooks the Cooper Creek while providing visitors with a fantastic experience at one of the most remote pubs in Australia. Although isolated, The Innamincka Hotel offers its guests an experience not to be missed, from scrumptious and mouth-watering meals, to cold beer and a starlight cinema in the beer garden, whilst still providing comfortable accommodation in a range of different options.

If a trip to Australia’s great outback is on your bucket list, don’t forget to make The Outback Loop a part of your itinerary.  


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