Meet Alex

Hello all,

Jenna is my wife’s sisters uni mate so I guess you could say we are pretty close. As such, of course I would jump at the chance to help her trek across the middle of the desert, but I suppose you would say the real motivation behind the trip is my love of the outdoors and a chance to meet BIG RED. Clare and I have travelled a bit but I’m ashamed to say that we have hardly ventured into our own backyard, and of all our trips this is the one I’m most excited about.

Alex getting some 4WD tips

Also I’m keen to win some man points back off Steve with the current recovery statistics Patrol 3 Hilux 0. I love the cause and I love the challenge, good on you Mono for giving it a crack, Hope you won’t need it but glad I can help if you do.


Alex and Steve debating recovery statistics


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