Meet Clare

Before Clare introduces herself I just wanted to add how excited I am to have this wonderful support crew coming with me across the desert. Their enthusiasm has been fantastic, and we have even made use of a 3 way skype chat to catch up on where we are all at preparation wise. That in itself is a feat worthy of acknowledgement considering the internet connection in Birdsville! It is very comforting to know I’ve got these people behind me all the way, and that they’ll say all the right things when the occasion calls for it 🙂

Hi all, my name is Clare.

I fit into the picture as Megan’s (Casino) sister and another of Jenna’s support crew. When not fulfilling those two duties I work in Newcastle as a radiation therapist. My husband Alex and I spend a lot of time outdoors and try to go camping whenever possible.

Clare and Alex enjoying nature

From memory, I first heard about The Long Walk Home when Megan and Steve brought it up over a campfire on our last camping trip together, near the end of 2011. The opportunity of us joining in sounded too good to pass up; a great way to see parts of our beautiful country and of course, a great way to contribute to a worthy organisation. I see my role on the trip as another walking buddy and cook. The hardest parts I think will be sleeping in the swag for three weeks straight and no showering. In the meantime I might need a few trips to Stockton to learn how to drive our Hilux on sand so I’m not a passenger for the whole trip! 5 months to go so please stay tuned to follow Jenna’s progress with preparations!


Clare Monk


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