The Long Walk Home gets a facelift

I was feeling creative today (which very rarely happens) and decided the website was in need of a facelift to make it easier on the eye, as well as more interesting and informative. You’ll notice it now has a brand spanking new home page with a little spiel about the walk and where to find information. The latest news tab at the top will take you to all the posts that I have written, while a photo gallery contains a few pictures of me training, as well as giving people an insight into what the Simpson Desert looks like from the air. Photos will be periodically uploaded to here, so be sure to drop back for a peek every now and again to see what is new.

Publicity for the walk is going great with views now up over 2200 in total, and we are nearly at the $1500 mark with fundraising. How amazing is that! A huge shout out goes to ABC Western QLD radio for contacting me about the walk and doing an interview which aired last Wednesday (you can listen by following this link). The walk is gathering support from all over Australia and even parts of the world, which is overwhelming (yes, I know I have to think of a new describing word) and fantastic news for the RFDS.

Over the next few weeks keep an eye out for introductions to the rest of my support crew, details on the upcoming fundraiser to be held in Adelaide, as well as an update on my training and walk preparations. For now though, have a look around the website, make a comment, follow the blog or just have a read. Thanks again for all the support!



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