Meet Steve


My name’s Steve and I’ve known Jenna long enough to know, she not only walks the walk, but she’s also the first to do it for a bloody good cause! As a keen 4WDer, no sooner had Jenna mentioned her idea I was out in the truck packing the gear, only to learn it was still months away. Nevertheless, I signed up as part of her ongoing vehicle support crew and used her fundraiser as a ‘u-beaut excuse to get three weeks off work; the boss found it hard to say no to the ‘but it’s for a good cause’ drawcard.

We’ll be heading over from Sydney and staying for the extent of the journey; ensuring she’s well fed, pepped up with lame ‘what do ya call a…’ jokes and to give her a nudge with the bullbar if she’s not doing it all with a smile. Don’t worry mum, we’ll bring her home safe…

On a serious note, it’s for a great cause and we need your help. If you can’t spare a dollar or two, tell your friends and family, and help us raise awareness for a worthy cause.




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