Meet Michael

I have left this post as is due to the threat of reintroducing me to the tyre towing exercises (seriously) 🙂

Hi everyone,
My name is Michael and I recently graduated with a bachelor of exercise physiology from JCU in Townsville. I’ve had experience before in a number of different areas, particularly working with rugby league players at the North Queensland Cowboys. It’s my role on Jenna’s team to make sure she is fully prepared for the physical challenges that the desert will throw at her.

I found out about Jenna’s walk through a mutual friend and thought it was not only a good opportunity for me to develop my skills, but also a great chance to be a part of such a unique experience. While I probably won’t be her favourite team member at times, especially after some intense sand dune sessions, I’m relishing the chance to be involved in such a great cause and am really looking forward to watching Jenna progress and conquer the Simpson.

If you’ve read Jenna’s blog and also think it’s a good cause I’d encourage you to share it with your friends, family and coworkers and get behind Jenna and the RFDS!


Michael Wedel


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