Meet Casino

Out of respect for our friendship I left this exactly as Casino wrote it and didn’t add in any tidbits about our uni shennanigans. However I couldn’t help myself and had to change Megan to Casino at the end…

Hello all,

I’m the one Jenna has introduced as Casino. No, my parents aren’t gamblers and yes I do have a normal name, Megan.  I had the privilege of living with Jenna, or Mono as I call her, for 3 and half years at uni. At the moment I live in Sydney with Steve and work as a Weight Loss Consultant. We try to get in as much camping as we can, or just anything outdoors really. Steve’s attempting to get me to go 4WD’ing with him more, he says he’s training me up for our big trip.

Casino taking 5 at the 2008 Birdsville Races

When asked why I was taking part in the walk with Mono, my reply went something like; ‘I really don’t know! I got roped into it somehow’. To be honest though, I’m very much looking forward to this adventure of a life time and honoured to be doing it with such a remarkable person (though check in again after two weeks in the desert with no shower). As far as I can tell, my role on ‘the walk’ will include: walking buddy, making sure Mono’s hydrated and well fed (that one won’t be too hard), cook and most importantly dangle a cold XXXX in front of her nose to entice her over the finish line and into the Birdsville pub. It’s all for a great cause so we’d appreciate any kind donations.


Steve and Casino - Stay tuned to meet Steve!


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