Apparently time flies!

2012 has arrived! It is quite daunting to think that it has been more then 3 months since I took that drive where the idea of The Long Walk Home was born. Whenever I spoke about the walk it still seemed so far away, but now that the numbers match (i.e 2012 is 2012) it seems awfully close! This was never more apparent then when I received an email from Michael Wedel, who has agreed to help me with my training and preparation for the walk, that said and I quote, “considering you only have about 6 months before you go…”. I must admit though prior to this statement he did tell me I could ditch the tyre towing exercises which needless to say I thought was a fantastic idea! Thanks Michael!

Now that I have support for my training I just have to have a couple of words with the weather gods and see if they can’t bring about a cool change to help with the training. Only this morning I was looking at the forecast which read 43, 44, 44, 44, 43, 44, 45, and I thought anywhere else that would be a heat wave and it would not only make the news, but also have health professionals issuing warnings and advice, but here it is just the average summer which you learn to live around!

Christmas delivered me my first piece of equipment for the walk which was appreciated after the fits of laughter subsided. While standing in the kitchen my brother walked in carrying a stick over his shoulder with a piece of fabric tied to the other end. Upon closer inspection I realised that a discarded Christmas tree had been transformed into a perfectly imperfect walking stick which happened to be just the right height, and already engraved with The Long Walk Home! Everything made perfect sense after receiving this as the previous day he had wandered into the kitchen first looking for a pocket knife, then returning for sandpaper, before finally searching for an engraver. Not only this the fabric held other crucial equipment such as a fly veil, emergency blanket, pannikin, fly catchers, a whistle and 2m of paracord in case I need to pull a Man vs Wild and abseil down a canyon, or swing over a raging river while crossing the desert! Ever resourceful and always practical, and after training this morning I might be using the fly veil sooner rather then later.

Finally, thanks again to Michael for putting his hand up to help get my two feet across the desert, and with “only 6 months to go” I better get this show on the road so keep an eye out for updates about The Long Walk Home. Just in case you ever get the urge to spread the word the web address is to make it a little easier!


5 thoughts on “Apparently time flies!

  1. Nice initiative, Jenna, GO FOR IT! wow, that’s something totally different than the cape town to vic falls tour! šŸ˜‰

  2. Hey Jenna,
    Firstly, Congratulations!! Wow!! 400km+ through the desert what an incredible feat (and incredible ‘feet’!) It is truly an inspirational endeavour and for a wonderful cause!
    Secondly, I must also congratulate you on this website! I clicked on because I saw that Gary was supporting you in a walk for charity.. But I stayed to read each of your very entertaining and heartfelt blogs! You write really well!! Maybe one day you should consider a book?
    Anyway, I wish you all the best and know that your wonderful family will support you in this challenge! I’m cheering for you! Last year Ben ran 100km’s for charity and raised a lot of money for Operation Flinders! I think the world needs people like you both who are willing to make sacrifices for others and will be sending some $ your way! Elle x

    • Hello!
      Thanks so much for your comment. I am so blown away by the support I have been receiving for this walk. It is so much more then I ever expected, and has become much, much more then just raising money for a good cause. I guess you don’t really realise the impact you can make until you give something a crack, and I had to take 5 today and actually let the fact that the person all these people are supporting is me. Thanks again for you kind words, and to everyone else who has sent messages or spread the word. I am extremely grateful!

  3. We look forward to following your adventure. We will be passing through Birdsville after Easter, late April or early May so we will have to throw some donations your way. I am assuming their will be a collection tin somewhere the bakery or the pub? Happy New Year!

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