My body is a blank canvas

I often wondered what it was like for people who trained for adventures, and how they got their mind to override their body when its screaming at them to stop. This week I have given myself a peek at what its like as I start the real hard yards of training for this walk. With 6 months to go it is probably appropriate that I start painting the blank canvas.

When I decided to create a blog for this walk I thought I would just put news of sponsors and any other exciting news that surfaces over time. However, after reading a few blogs created by other people I have decided to take another route, and in some way try and take you all with me through the ups and downs of my trek preparation. While I’m sure I won’t be able to put everything I do into interesting words, I do hope some of my future blogs will give you an idea of what its like to organise and train for a 400km+ walk across a desert.

To start with I have recently acquired a shoulder harness, to which I attach a tyre to and then slug away at dragging it up a sandhill. Great idea on theory, terrible idea in practice. It always looks really great on tv when they (not me) are pulling them across the beach, but when they become me and beach becomes sandhill, a new form of torture is created. It is the first time I’ve ever actually experienced that feeling of wanting to cry whilst exercising, when with each step you slide back down the sand a little, and when you get off balance, staying where you fall seems mighty appealing! I can only assume that my decision to leave the steel rim in place was not an informed one. In saying that I continue to do it, so maybe the couple of Irish who called me crazy for walking across a desert were onto something!

I have also found a new toy in kettlebells which I gave a whirl yesterday. Needless to say I am extremely sore today, and I strongly believe my legs don’t appreciate me one, single bit right now. On the upside though kettlebells are my new favourite toy, and owing to fact it didn’t fly out of my hand and through the wall I would call my first workout with them a success! A very unique form of training, quite easy to grasp the basic movements and leaves you sweating. That said, I’m not 100% sure if it was the workout or ridiculously hot weather that caused the sweating. Birdsville weather certainly does add another dimension to training especially when it is 30 degrees at 6am!

So basically at the moment I am willingly putting myself through torture to paint the canvas and give myself every chance of making it from the first sandhill to the last. My only concern now is that if I can do this without a personal trainer, exactly what is it that’s worse then pulling a tyre up a sandhill, and what “grand” ideas they’ll have in store for me. To my body…my mind says sorry in advance!


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