Welcome to The Long Walk Home!

Back in September I was asked what my dream job was and when I wasn’t able to answer I got to thinking about it. During a long drive from Rockhampton to Birdsville I realised that being able to walk through all the natural and wilderness areas of the world would be it. After realising this I decided that considering I had the Simpson Desert on my doorstep why not start with walking across it. 400km of parrallel sandunes is quite a unique natural wonder and the potential feeling of walking into my home town after crossing it was far too exciting to pass up. It is funny where ideas come from and how one little question can change your life.

The walk is not a new one and many people have already crossed the Simpson Desert, but for me the exciting thing is to be the first local from Birdsville to do it. I am not doing it to break any records or to find new ways to cross it, I am doing it because it is a challenge (and I love them), to raise funds for the RFDS and because it is a good way to start working on my dream job! My grandma grew up living in the Simpson Desert and many locals have strong connections to it, so I hope that this walk will in some way bring the community together and maybe even a few will join me for an hour or a day while I walk.

The RFDS was chosen as the beneficiary of the walk for the simple reason that they are critical to the survival of rural and remote Australia. They not only provide emergency medical care but also enable residents in remote areas access to basic medical care on regular occasions.

I will have the support crew of Megan, Steve, Clare and Alex there to deliver words of encouragement when it all just seems a little too hard. They might even have a warm cup of soup waiting for me at the end of the day!

I am in the process of approaching businesses and people for sponsorship to cover the costs of the walk, and have just created an online fundraising page for public donations at http://www.everydayhero.com.au/jenna_brook. If anyone is interested in event sponsorship please drop me a line at thelongwalkhome2012@gmail.com and we can chat about possibilites…I am pretty sure they are endless.

I’ll be trying to keep this updated with the latest sponsors, fundraisers and information, and look forward to announcing exciting news as it happens!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Long Walk Home!

  1. As a couple we have been to Birdsville and the Simpson Desert twice and will being making it a third early 2012. We both think it is an amazing thing you are doing. All the best and we will eagerly read all about your adventures.

    • Wow! Thanks so much for your comment. I am so appreciative of all the support I have received so far. Hope you enjoy reading the blogs as they come. More importantly, it’s great to hear you guys keep coming back to Birdsville. Thanks!

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