Welcome to The Long Walk Home!

The Long Walk Home was a 430km+ walk crossing the Simpson Desert raising funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service – Queensland Section. The walk was extremely successful and with the help and support of so many people we raised over $37,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my wonderful sponsors, the brilliant support crew who were with me every step of the way, and everyone who clicked onto the website or ever wished me goodluck. My thanks also goes to my wonderful family and friends, who were constantly bombarded with updates and asked to help here and there. Their support meant more than anyone can imagine.

There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t already been said, so if you would like to learn a little more about the walk and haven’t yet read the last few posts you can do so here. I would not change the experience for the world and am extremely grateful that I was able to do this, not only for the RFDS but also for the people they serve, my community and myself.

Thank you.

33 thoughts on “Welcome to The Long Walk Home!

  1. Just read your story in out back mag congrats on money raising . Laying here after ankle surgery can’t wait to walk again thanks

  2. Proud of you Jenna and your wonderful support group. Glad you travelling along Ok- every step is closer to you goal. RFDS for us here in the Bush- where would we be without it. All the Best for the Rest. Carmel-Charleville xoxoxo

  3. Jenna
    thank you your kind words and by acknowledging the Wangkangurru as traditional owners of the land you are about to walk I applaud your feeling of connection as you say your family has been for a long time why wouldnt you feel that way.
    The Simpson Desert was home for generations of Wangkangurru: families lived and died in the desert, artefacts and burial sites bear witness to that.
    The Wangkangurru were among a select few Aboriginal people to leave their native lands by choice lured by tales of plenty, they never returned, many families settled on stations for work and rations.
    Early relations between the two were cordial, but did turn to conflict as the settlers sought to establish their rights of ownership.
    I would like to wish you well on your imposing but notable trek across this ancient land and may the anscestral spirits travel with you and keep you safe.


  4. Congratultions on your fund raising so far Jenna you are a great girl. We were at a fund raiser for RFDS last Sat in Toowoomba it was great but they certainly need all the funds they can get. Good luck wish I could come and walk some of the way with you. Keep safe
    Love Noel and Regan

  5. all the very best wishes for your wonderful journey !! Thinking of you and your feet !!! stay warm and well and thanks for your help in supporting such a great cause !! DD at Tourism Queensland !!

    • Hi Denise,
      Thank you very much for your comment and I will be sure to stay as warm as possible! I dislike the cold so will be doing my best. Still organising the final few details. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Jenna,
    Just home from Birdsville after the desert crossing via French line. Gus Daffy and Kim (friends) from the pub told me of your fundraiser. My mate put in $50 and my wife and I put in $100 towards your effort. You were out of town so we never goty to meet you. I think I would prefer to drive than walk. Go girl. Met your Mum and Dad last year whilst out there. Gus has got the cash. Good luck mate wish there were more like you.
    Don & Carolyn Mc Adam – Tugun – Gold Coast

    • Thanks Don and Carolyn! Your donation to the RFDS is very much appreciated, as are your very kind words. I will track down Gus and pass the donation on to the Flying Doctor. Thanks again.

    • Wow Marian, what an amazing story and man. Just reading about him sends shivers down your spin. The ability of the human spirit is amazing. Thanks for passing on the link to Rob Cook.

  7. Jenna,
    I want you to attack this walk with all the energy, enthusiasm, guts and determination as you did for Schoolies Week at Victor in 2004. That was an amazing effort! The Sacred Heart girls led by example all the way. How many Double Blacks were consumed – who knows – everyone would of lost count on the first night. Anyway, you look ready for another great challenge requiring great endurance and willpower. You will conquer all because our determination will defie defeat. Good luck and God Bless and keep the Sacred Heart flag flying.
    Kind regards,
    Greg Reeks (from the muddy backwaters of the mighty River Murray)
    PS Kathryn gave me a meal voucher for my birthday. It was from the Alberton Hotel which she won at one of your fundraising events. I went down to the Port heartland, (where I was bred and buttered) and enjoyed a beautiful steak – thank you. Peter Brien is an old Heart man as well.

    • Thanks Greg! I think those double blacks probably belonged to Steph and Kathy though. I’m glad the voucher went to good use and that you enjoyed it. Although tell Kathy she is cheap and could of at least pretended like she bought it for you 🙂

      Jenna 🙂

  8. In response to Somalia:
    Well…Somalia was under austere conditions. I was deployed their as a soldier. Aside from the turmoil, the beaches in Somalia were to die for. Most beautiful I have ever seen!

  9. Hi Jenna,
    congratulations on your plan to walk the Simpson and raise money for the RFDS – what a bold and exciting journey that will be.
    You may already know that a new RFDS display is being developed in the Hall and will be open in March this year. This is an exciting partnership between the RFDS and the Hall and will showcase the amazing contribute RFDS has made to the bush.
    On behalf of the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre I would like to offer our full support and offer something for auction to assist your fund raising.
    Let me know the best address to post you something from the Hall. Please let us know what else we can do to support your initiatives.
    Ben Maguire
    Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre

    • Thanks Ben! I have been hearing about this RFDS display and am looking forward to seeing it when I am next through Longreach. The service they offer rural and remote Australia is outstanding and life saving in many instances. Thank you also for your offer of an auction item, I will forward my postal address to your email shortly. Something from The ASHOF would be great item. I am extremely excited about the walk and to hopefully do my bit for the RFDS.

  10. Dear Jenna,

    We read with great interest and admiration re your plan to walk across the Simpson Desert.
    What a project – fantastic stuff!
    On behalf of all involved in RFDS Victorian Section – volunteers, staff, management and Board – we wish you every success for what will be agreat adventure, and we look forward to learning further re your amazing project.
    Travel safely, enjoy what will be agreat experience, and many thanks your support for the RFDS.
    Keep smiling,
    W. Murray Rogers AM – Chairman, RFDS Victoria

    PS: Is you beaut dog going to make the journey as well?

    • WOW! Thanks so much for your comment. It is great to see that word of The Long Walk Home is getting around. I am extremely grateful that you have taken the time to comment on my website, and I hope that you all enjoy reading the updates as time goes on. Unfortunately Chevy won’t be making the trip as I am crossing through a few National Parks, but I am sure he’ll be there at the end!
      Jenna 🙂

  11. Jetpack loving your work man! I have been plugging away for you left right and centre… managed to get one of the Doc’s on board to support you! train hard xxx

  12. Hi Jenna, cousin Robyn here – is there an amount of money you are aiming to achieve? I can not seem to find this on your site. You are a true inspiration to all and I hope you get the recognition and money you deserve on this trek. You have inspired me to up my daily walking where I am now doing 10kms a day.

  13. Jetpack, that’s a new name, it’s The Godfather here. Shelley and I may be in the vicinity of Birdsville on the day you run, walk, stagger, crawl, get carried (select appropriate choice) in to town. I have notified Bob W of your intentions, if he can get there he said he will wait for you in the pub, that way you will not be under any pressure to hurry up and finish. Will keep you posted.

    • Hi Godfather! That is fantastic news. Super excited you might be here! I think stagger would be the appropriate word there. This is brilliant news! Just brilliant! I might have to blog about the name Jetpack as it is bound to pop up over and over again.

  14. Jetpack, it’s sister Dalene here. How come you are no longer raising funds for the school and the hospital? You should make it o that everyone can see the comments section. It will Mae the website much more interesting. If you go to the hello Sunday morning site and click on someone blog, you can see where people have left a reply . It is interesting to read people’s threads….. Good luck, very exciting. When are you going to start the shorter walks like 10k, then 50 k, then 100km? On these blogs you can also talk about how much money you have raised so farxxx

    • OMG Dalene, I just saw Jenna’s picture in the Outback magazine at work and thought it was a picture of you!!! Long time no see! How proud you must all be of your little sister, what an amazing effort. Well done to Jenna!
      Nina B

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